DAB for Porsche system no dash extras or remotes

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In 2013 Porsche began to offer DAB radio as an option on their new models and as standard on some models including the 911 and 991 models. Switching to DAB means better reception and a wider selection of stations on the move and with the UK planning to switch to digital radio entirely towards the end of the decade it will be standard in all new vehicles sooner or later. However if you are happy with the Porsche you have now it is still possible to get to the next step of quality sound in your car.

We can offer several services for your DAB requirements...

Original Porsche DAB systems fitted as per factory

Firstly we can offer the Porsche OEM factory retrofit. This would give you the Porsche DAB as if you ordered it from the factory. Depending on car and specification this can be quite expensive, but is still a popular option, so if you're interested respecter with you cars VIN number and we can quote for this option.

Porsche DAB retrofit install

Cartronics DAB systems

Cartronics also now supply a Porsche emulation system, this works exactly the same as the factory Porsche system with full control and feedback via the I-Drive/Screen or radio installed. No stick on parts, no remotes its flawless, this system is far more cost effective and you can buy the kit and install yourself in some instances.
The CAR-DAB-Porsche unit will ship shortly, starting with Porsche chassis cars shortly followed by Porsche F chassis cars, (773) 467-1017
The Cartronics CAR-DAB-Porsche system can be used with a small discrete window aerial or can be used in conjuction with the Porsche DAB hidden factory aerials, we can offer choices once we have checked the specification of your car. Email your VIN number to us with your enquiry.

Our Service

We'll retrofit a Porsche DAB (digital radio) to all models of Porsche, and as with all Cartronics installations we'll fit it per factory specification, your car will leave us looking as good as when it arrived - only sounding better! Installation includes the latest software level for the DAB unit (as of install date), we do all installation programming & coding at our Surrey workshop. All Porsche factory systems will be as per Porsche specification, no issues with dealers of service agents. The Cartronics DAB emulation system is rolling out for Porsche PCM 2 & PCM 2.1 - See table below. We use all the original Porsche parts & amplifiers, but the position of the rear aerial may depend on vehicle and spec option.

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We also sell the DAB+ interface in our online store:

Porsche DAB radio fit install

Cartronics GB in Surrey can retro fit Porsche DAB digital radio to all makes of Porsche. Porsche DAB Radios are retrofitted as per factory specification at our Surrey premises. Cartronics in Surrey are a professional car engineering company with great knowledge of Porsche technology. Porsche DAB Radios are installed using the latest software, and coding is done in-house at our Surrey workshop. Porsche DAB radio installations from Cartronics is affordable and professional. Cartronics in Surrey retrofit DAB into Porsche models including:

Please note: the list below is not conclusive, if your car is not listed here this does not mean we can not retrofit install digital radio (DAB) into your Porsche, please (202) 942-4160 with your requirements.

Porsche DAB FITTED? Chassis Code Production Model
DAB for PCM 2 2004+ ALL Porsche Models
DAB for PCM 2.1 2004-2011 ALL Porsche Models

Please note: the above list is not conclusive, if your car is not listed here this does not mean we can not retrofit install digital radio (DAB) into your Porsche, please contact us with your requirements.